Monday, July 18, 2005


Officially 114 Fahrenheit. Yes it is hot here in Vegas. Maybe, just maybe we will get some cloud coverage from those Hurricanes southesast from where we are. Even if it is humid, it will be a good break from our famous, "Its a dry heat" type of heat. I am quite sure that Death Valley is probably above 120-F. Can't imagine.

So now it turns out that Bush "confirms" that "anyone" who "committed" a crime in the leaking of the name of the covert CIA agent, will be fired. This leaves the door wide open to interpretation, because according to most "knowledgeable" people, for anyone to be convicted of a "crime" over the leak issue, will be almost impossible. I still think, to placate the American public, who are not very happy with Bush, Rove will "resign", "So that the President can return to governing and enact the will of the people" every President has learned to say this phrase during "sticky" situations.

Will it be Alberto Gonzalez for the Supreme court?...
Not if the conservative right wing, have their way. Too liberal they say. Despite the fact that Gonzalez is a Republican, Bush might just bump up his numbers if he nominates him to the high court. Congress will not take long to pass on this nomination (He is a representative "minority" almost democrat like).
However, as soon as this scenario is played out, Rehnquist will resign, citing health factors, and Bush will pull out the ace out of his sleeve by nominating someone more likely to repel Roe Vs. Wade. This will be someone whom the conservatives will be happy with, might be a woman, then everyone will be happy and things will get back to normal. (Aside from the Iraq debacle)

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