Thursday, July 14, 2005


Forget for a moment about what is happening around you, us.
Forget Karl Rove, London, NY, The hot weather here.
Forget that business isn't as great.
Just Forget OK?
Now, answer this question:

Why are we, as individuals, so quick to share our secrets, desires, and most intimate details with "strangers" when it comes to the internet?.
We spill our guts on bloggs, we open our most intimate details and affiliations with everyone or anyone who will call himself or herself a friend.
We post pictures on line about our children, pets, ourselves.
Sociologists have probably figured this out.
But Why?
In the arly chat rooms of the mid 90's, I think people were more about hiding who they were by re-inventing themselves to appear "attractive" to whoever was on the other end. Chat rooms are passe now. Bloggs have replaced the chat rooms as the
place to gather, meet, talk, and share information about anything.
You can't say that the anonimity factor has to do with the freedom to expose oursleves. No one is hidden anymore, there is practicly no more privacy anywhere. The advent of Google Earth is only the begining of the end for privacy, soon, infrared satelites-they are already up there- will be available to the masses to see what our next door neighbor is doing.
Anonimity isn't it.
Maybe we just want to be close to someone in a way that we can't do with those closest to us.


Bellota said...

tienes toda la razon

tambien es una forma de redescubrirnos para los q ya nos conocian

un saludote y q tengas bonito fin :)

(¯`¤GRECIA¤´¯) said...

Ya estamos entrando a una nueva era.
Aunque yo la verdad aún no entiendo cuál es la razón por la cual comparto lo mío con quienes no conozco, sin miedo, aunque la retroalimentacion es lo que mas me agrada.