Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Putting aside my previous post, I have to digress here.

"Clear and Present Danger"--- By one of my favorite writers; Tom Clancy.

At the end of the movie, you have Jack Ryan confronting the President of the US about his "knowledge" and involvement with the sending of Special Ops into a Southamerican country. One of the president's lines and request was for Jack Ryan to take the fall for the "mess", a slap in the hand and the go through the lecturing or speech tour while making thousands of dollars for each speech, etc. However, only in Hollywood do you have the ending where Jack Ryan tells the president to shove it and thus, he tells his story about the president's involvement in "illegal affairs". And everyone lives happily ever after until the next movie comes out.
Would Karl Rove take the high ground and tells his story about his actual and real involvement in the "uncovering" of the CIA agent to the Press? CNN.com - Newsweek: Rove spoke to reporter before leak - Jul 3, 2005

I doubt it very much.
Integrity, which is what Jack Ryan is all about, is lacking in the current administration and of course most Americans know that the real brains behind the Bush White house is Karl Rove. Books, stories and personal stories have been written about Karl Rove as well as about "W" about their "partnership." The stories that come out have a common denominator; secrecy, negative (personal) attacks and a few other "tactics"-Mostly used in politics by both parties. So, the revelation or naming of the CIA agent should be a no brainer. Initially the WH denied that KR had any involvement and knowledge,, now the question is being "evaded" as opposed to being denied. What is next, a silent exit out of the WH?...It won't be silent one.
Does this mean that it is the end of this administration. No. They will deny it until they are blue in the face. Eventually it will come to a "slap in the hand" which the media will accept as O.K. "Now we can move on".
If Karl Rove were to resign, he would still be as involved in the machinations of the administration. Then, since he would be out of the blind eye of the press, he will have the freedom to continue their "tactics" without a watchful eye.(Is there even a watchful eye anymore?)
Remember a few years back when Clinton was at first denying any involvement with either Jones, or Lewinsky?..The press was relentless. Where is that zeal now?
Why aren't they hounding the WH and or KR about his knowledge of this leak? Is the administration that powerful that it will even quiet down the press?...
What about us bloggers with an opinion?

If this was a democratic president, would the conservatives be as quiet?
Come on! This was the "outing" of someone who is supposed to be on our side. Are CIA, FBI agents or American soldiers that easy to dispose of?
Where is Jack Ryan when you need him the most?..
Maybe he was already outed and now works somewhere in the basement of the WH.

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