Saturday, July 08, 2006


That is what Mr. Calderon is.
He is not yet the President of Mexico. At least not until he is officially declared "The President Elect" around August or so. He will very likely stay in that position, despite the many challenges coming from Andres M. Lopez Obrador, the other candidate who received just as many votes, if not more according to his followers. (the difference being of only about 0.27%)
The comparison between this election and the one in 2000, here in the United States between Gore and Bush is all over the news. The similarities do not end there. There are also accusations of voter manipulation, software programs designed "by" supporters of Calderon that were used by the IFE, which again, has been dominated by PAN, the party currently in power. In the end, status quo will prevail.
Somewhere else, I read that the PAN is now the new PRI. Lets see how well they do for the next 6 years, perhaps a bit more than what the Fox Presidency accomplished.
As for AMLO, hopefully he can work with the new administration for the betterment of the country. Mexico.

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