Saturday, July 15, 2006


So my mom is coming to the States.
My brother is in the process currently of getting her an entrance visa through the US Consulate in Juarez, Mexico. That in itself is another story.
The fact that she is coming here, I suppose is a good thing. She will be living with my brother for a while and perhaps with me here as well. I do not think she'll be staying long. She has lived all her life in Mexico (Cuernavaca) and her roots are there. All the grand children that she has helped to raise are there and I know she will miss all of them dearly.
I am happy she is coming here. I have not "lived" with my mom since I was 12 and even before then, the times we spent together as a family were sporadic. I hope that we can get to talk and really get to know each other as mother-son and as independent people as well.


Chloe said...

i'm glad you are going to spend time with your mum and your daughter with her grandmother. maybe you are going to discover nice things you didn't know.

Yamell said...

That should be really nice. Some bonding time for hijo y mama & nieta & abuelita.