Monday, July 24, 2006


Yes, it is hot and we cannot get away from it. I guess we are a lot better off than the rest of the country. We are "used to it", whereas people from the Northeast and mid america are roasting and even California is having to deal with Power "issues" (I guess they do not want to scare their people by saying, "power outages")TOO LATE!
Living in a small city has its advantages. For as hot as it gets here, we do not have issues of power outages because our AC Units use up too much energy. If that was the case, the casinos would be the first to shut down and they would not allow such thing to happen. Imagine the millions of dollars that they would loose if that was to happen.
A few storms bring a bit of cloud coverage which brings a bit of coolness. We like it that way.

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Yamell said...

I don't know what part of Vegas you live at but I have not felt that coolness Mister. It's been so dang muggy and yucky. I feel bad for our construction workers and people who have to work outdoords. Poor fellars.