Monday, July 31, 2006


How can we as citizens of the world, as human beings, as children of God respond to the on-going crisis in the Middle East?

Aside form prayers, donations to the Red Cross or other humanitarian organizations and a simple shrug of shoulders, there isn't much that we can do from where we are. It is a conflict between two sides that just want to completely destroy each other. Unfortunately their actions are going to resonate around the rest of the world.
Not one country can make another one stop from attacking or sending their fighter jets to bomb villages.
The UN?...That should be their job and what are they doing about it?..Not much by the looks of it.
The US can't pressure Israel to stop what they are doing in Lebanon when our own country is entangled in its own quagmire; Iraq, Afghanistan.
I think the Lebanese government is showing much restraint or they just don't have the means of defending themselves and are just hoping that eventually the Israelis will stop their attacks. Although according to the news, Syria is readying its army, and that can only mean that the conflict is about to spread.That is more plausible than an actual end to hostilities. So, what do we do?..
Continue praying and hope that both sides come to some sort of sense because ultimately, the ones that are hurt the most, are innocent civilians.

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