Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am watching right now the match between Paraguay vs England . It is 17 minutes into the second half. England is up by one, although it was a header by one of Paraguay's defenders. So technically, England has not scored.
However, it is hard not to notice the superiority of the English over Paraguay. Their game is very fluid and are taller than the other guys. That is an advantage, particularly when everytime someone hits the ball, it tends to curve up and up. England has kept more control of the ball and when they pass it, there is always someone who is open without a defender. Paraguay seems to just get the ball and pass it to someone who is alone without any support and the ball is quickly "stolen" by England.
As the game progresses, I can see England scoring and winning by 2 to 0. Unless the SouthAmericans get lucky and score 1. Still England will win.
Yesterday as was expected, Germany beat Costa Rica by a score of 4 against 2.
Argentina plays later today and of course. Tomorrow- Sunday here in the states- a perfect day for world cup soccer, Mexico, vs. Iran.

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