Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I dreamt I was in Mexico City walking about with my digital camera, which was not my "real" camera, but something not so digital and bigger than a video camera. There were quite a few people around and I happened to know some of them. On of these people, was the front runner for the presidency of Mexico. Manuel Lopez Obrador He was just sitting there on the sidewalk with, I am assuming some of his assistants, while most people walked about. I asked one of his friends to take a picture of us. I sat right next to him and put my arm around him. Instead of looking to the guy taking the picture, I put my right arm around him and shook his hand with my left hand. I turned to face him and told him, "It is an honor. You are going to be a great President. It is in your destiny." Of course when the guy returned with my camera, I checked the pictures on the small screen and sure enough, no picture!
By then, he had walked off. The dream veered off into another direction, still dealing with the big ugly white digital camera.

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