Monday, June 12, 2006


So far a good leveled game. Japan already scored a gol against Australia. I think Australia needs to focus on playing better rather than play a dirty kind of game. Japan can handle the ball and move it around the field, despite their height disadvantage against Australia.
Australia will eventually score and make it a tied game or
Australia 2 Japan 1
--My prediction--.

Next game of course is the US.
Do Traditional American Networks know how much money they are giving up (in add revenues) by not showing the world cup games live on their networks?...
Univision is raking it in. Any person who wants to watch the game, knows that they just have to tune in to their local Univision channel to watch any game live. No matter their nationality (Even though the games are broadcast in Spanish.

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yana said...

do aussies play a dirty game?