Monday, June 26, 2006


Hello all.
It's been a busy and relaxing week at the same time.
As usual, work keeps me busy during the week and not being able to go to sleep early, then getting up at 6:00AM my time, to watch the soccer games has taken its toll. Though now that the games start a lot later makes it a bit easier to concentrate on everything else but soccer.
Yes, my team was eliminated by Argentina as I figured.....Also, as I predicted, the US did not get past the first round. You don;t have to be a genius to know that, anyways.
This past weekend, I took two extra days off and went camping with Melissa. I can't remember the last time I went camping and this was a great experience. We went to Duck Creek up in the mountains of Utah. a mere 3 hour trip from Vegas. Also about 30 degrees in difference. Not a major camping trip, just a lot of hanging out and relaxing. Took some games and books to read. Lots of bugs but hey, its nature..
We talked (She did more of it) more about the state of our relationship and where we are headed. Too soon and too quick to make decisions. Sometimes these life changing, altering decisions must be thought through and we still have a lot of it to do. I do love her do. I know I may not show it at times but I know I do.

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Chloe said...

i am glad you talked. you deserve to be very very happy.xx