Monday, November 05, 2012


When your kids are getting roudt and on your nerves, take them outside, give them a bucket and an old spatula and they will be at peace in another world.
Initially I just wanted them to run around in the yard. They like to chase balls and mess with the dog. If the hose is on, they want to get wet. Right now it's early in the fall season so it isn't warm enough to play with water. They started picking up dirt and flinging it so as usual the first reaction was to yell, "no". My wife however was more open to them having fun with the dirt.
It's been about an hour now and it's all peaceful, even the dog gave up and laid down for a nap.
They've been dumping the dirt on themselves, chewing on sticks plucking at their mom's flowers and all of it without a cry, except for the occasional cry because they're stealing each other's buckets.
Maybe we adults should get down and play with dirt.

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