Friday, November 16, 2012


I wanna apple juice, scary, i need, it, i love you, night night, Dora, Family Guy, Yo Gabba Gabba, pee, pee, puppy, doggie, remote, Aya, Anthony, Gramma, Papa, Agua,

The words are streaming endlessly an most of them from Catherine. Cecilia and Charlie are not far behind with their words. They are now two years old and according to their therapist (Charlie and Cecilia) they are right on track with their development, so no issues there.

They love to hang out with their aunts an uncles particularly with my brother since he is the one that is around more often. They call and ask for him by name (Max) and he loves it. He has a baby at home, not his. Agustin, my nephew and his girlfriend recently had a baby and in the meantime, they are leaving at home.  But of course like most grand parents, he enjoys having babies around, though not the triplets all at once.
I don't blame him. They even get to me once in a while and I am just at home for brief periods of time throughout the week. Except for my days off, then its triplets every minute of the day.

Cecilia is the baby who doesn't like clothes. No matter the time of day, she takes her pants or shorts off and walks around in diapers. She also love to wear too toos at all times.

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