Thursday, May 13, 2010


The biggest surprise in the world came in the form of a baby scan. Melissa went back to the OBGYN for an update and conformation of the pregnancy (due date). The doctor had trouble finding the embryo and after a couple of trips to the bathroom to clear her bladder, the doctor was able to "find" the embryo and to confirm that not only was there one but what appeared to be a "cyst" or the "bladder', turned out to be another embryo.
So there we have it. We are having twins.
My mouth was wide open at the finding and complete surprise. Melissa was laughing nervously, for we both knew that neither one of us had any twins in our family history.
So what were the odds and why? the doctor could only say that twins had to start "somewhere". The odd also increase when you are past 30 (due to hormonal changes) and as a side note, Melissa found that the chances are 3 in 100.
Quite an exciting time, since we are getting married in about 4 months- Wasn't it yesterday that I just proposed to her?
Didn't we just find out about 3 weeks ago that she was pregnant?
And now twins?

I still can't believe it.

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