Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Return of a Man Called Horse

I thought of this movie for the title of my post because it is one of my favorite Westerns by Richard Harris
It is time consuming and sometimes hard to try and keep up with email addresses, blogs, facebook and all this social media crap that we're getting addicted too, so I deleted the 44 year old groom blog and instead I am staying with my original -Ramblings.
I can continue posting everything about the upcoming wedding as well as any other thoughts I have as I have been doing for the last 5 years, though perhaps not as frequently. Work takes up a large amount of my living hours. It keeps me away from family, friends, loved ones. Why must it be this way? However, I still have to make a living and pay bills (Some unnecessary).
Anyways. A lot is happening at work with people leaving, moving, job interviews, some BS and more of the same. If I was at any other job, I am sure I would be dealing with the same issues.
I guess ultimately I am the one in control of my time and I have to make sure I make the best of it, particularly when it comes to family.
So, which one of my kids is looking for "Lesbian Sex" and other porno related info while doing their homework on the Internet? huummmm. I guess they haven't figured out that they have to delete their search history, particularly when searching for naughtiness. It should be an interesting conversation.

The wedding, 7 months away and approaching like a bullet train. It was only 3 months ago that I proposed to Melissa and we've made good progress (Actually mostly her effort) Things are progressing quite well and most everything is lined up. I still have to find a tux, limos and hotel rooms for the day of the event.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. AVATAR. Add it to my list of favorite movies.
Till Next Time!

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Adriana said...

por que borraste tu blog, mucha informacion? jajaja, asi pasa, que estes muy bien, sigo queriendo ir a tu boda :(