Monday, October 18, 2010

From Den to Nursery.

Different stages of the room conversion. It used to be my den/office and with the upcoming arrival of the girls, the room had to b e turned into a nursery. A big task considering that it was a room with 3 walls and a big opening into the living room down below. My father in law and brother in law offered to help out (They are contractors) so what seemed like a big task for me turned out to be a quick side job for them. Of course they did it for the girls and they will eventually know that.

What the room looked like to begin with after a first attempt at painting it (Melissa) with a fairly dark brown color. - An unfinished project since we did not care for the color once it went onto the wall.

Rick after removing the glass panels and measuring for new walls

Scaffolding up to place sheet rock and later for painting

Closet framed and in place

Walls finished, textured, painted and ready for removal of scaffolding.

Door in (needs a knob)

Contrasting colors

Wooden floor ready to go down

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Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Looks absolutely beautiful! What lucky girls!