Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you want to understand the process of electoral college votes vs. popular votes or just get a good grasp on the projections, go to: Yahoo. It has great description and breakdown of what states may go to whom and the likelihood of a candidate winning a given state that is up for grabs like my home state, Nevada.
More than just the numbers, Obama is going to win the presidency because of the the complete dissatisfaction that people feel about George W. Bush and the last 4 years. People may point to the last 8 years and feel that it has been a wasted 4 years. If that is the case how come he was not voted out on the last election? You may argue that indeed he was voted out because Kerry received the majority of the popular vote. Nonetheless, Bush still got sworn in and look where we are now.
I have spoken to a few Republican "friends" and the agreement is that even they want to see change.
Obama represents change.
There are people that are not voting for him just because of his skin color but it is a minority that will not have any effect on the election. I originally wanted Hillary to get the nomination, not so much because she was a woman but rather because of the experience that she would have brought to the presidency. Obama may not have that much experience but the belief is that he will surround himself with the right cabinet and he showed that by selecting Biden as his V.P. Contrary to what McCain did, which was just to pander to a certain segment of the electorate and look at the shape that they are in now.
The race may still be close to the end despite; voter fraud, malfunctioning machines, voter suppression, rules that make it hard for certain people to vote and many more scenarios, Obama should and will win.
Have you seen so many people vote ahead of the election? Have you seen how long the lines are and that they go for the entire day? I did yesterday when I voted. Luckily the process was quick and painless. I can only imagine how long the lines are going to be next Tuesday.

The last 2 elections were not won by Bush, they were lost by the Democrats, they fumbled the ball and threw too many interceptions to a team that was less qualified than them. This time it will be different. The election will be won with a clear mandate for change. And the score will be 60 to 40.

Vote and vote with your conscience.

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