Saturday, October 04, 2008


Yesterday may not have been Friday the 13th but for OJ Simpson it must have felt like it. 13 years after being acquitted in L.A. he is found guilty here in Las Vegas, of all places.
His lawyer summed it up by saying that it was "Stupid" to go into a room and attempt to recover personal belongings on your own without getting either cops or lawyers involved.
Perhaps he is right and O.J is simply stupid and somehow because of his money and bad police shenanigans in L.A, he got away with murder 13 years ago. Maybe he thought because of who he was, he could get away with it.
But does anyone really get away with anything?..
To me, clearly he was guilty of the murders in L.A. How he got away with it is still beyond me. Watching the proceedings here in Las vegas, the similarities were everywhere. the testimony from both sides clearly pointed to a crime being committed with his lawyers arguing that perhaps OJ did not see the gun in the room, thus not knowing that, he was not guilty, even though the law here in Nevada says the opposite.
In L.A. the knife still has not been found, had it been found then, perhaps the outcome would have been different.
Now, I do not think there is any satisfaction at all for anyone, maybe not even the Goldmans and Nicole's family including the kids, who are now of college age.
There is still an appeal to come and a lot could change at that point but I think finally, Karma has caught up with OJ for whatever bad things (very bad things) he did in the past.

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