Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I had a chance to meet Charles Keating while his trial was going on in L.A. it seems like a long time ago. Now he is back in the news because of the current election. At the time I was working at Checkers a restaurant in a hotel by the same name, now owned by Hilton.
Charles Keating was a quiet and personable man. He never seemed mean and liked to eat well and drink wine along with his lawyers. Our restaurant was small and private so they always sat in the back of the room and go over the day's business; This also kept them away from the media. Their bill was always high by the time they were done, though Keating never paid; It was always his lawyer or family member who handled the bill. In previous posts I have written about this restaurant because it was here where Marcia Clark would sometimes come in and unwind after a rough day during the O.J. Simpson trial and also where Thomas Keller - Chef of the century - moved to after leaving N.Y.


Coco said...

just a quick visit to see how you and your family are doing.
we now have a home computer (finally!) : )

fuertes y calurosos abrazos,

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