Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I experienced this lonliness a couple of years ago and it was only for about 7 days then. I was traveling through Mexico alone. Going from one state to another and arriving early in the morning when there is no one on the streets, but cabs and drunks.
Here in Detroit at least I have familiar faces, but it is still lonely. Yes we work together and share meals and some fun together, but at the end of the day we all go back to our rooms. These are our homes for the next 14 days or so. It's been our home on and off for the last 3 weeks.
What makes it harder is that I am so far away from my family. We talk on the phone frequently but it is still lonely.
I am not whining.
It is a feeling that though I may be enjoying certain aspects of the trip; like the trip to the game, the gourmet dinner at a fine dining place, etc. Nothing is the same if I don't have my family here.
This is a great experience for me in terms of my professional career and I would probably do it again, perhaps not for this length of time.
I suppose that the more you do it, the more you get used to it. In the meantime, like Melissa, I am counting the days.


Adriana said...

lo bueno es que los dias se pasan rapido...
Cuidate y yo pienso lo mismo que la familia es lo primero.

Chloe said...

i am sorry you are lonely Cisco. you are clearly a family person and you thrive in a family.
I wish that the days go by faster!

Coco said...

before you know it,
those 14 days will be over,
and you'll be home with your family : )