Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So far so good.
The place looks great and the management team looks strong enough. We have been received with open arms so that helps towards achieving our goals. The place opens in about 3 weeks so we have a lot of training to do.
The more time I spend with my co-workers the more I learn about them. These are people that I have been working with for the last two years without them knowing me or me knowing them. It is all in passing. we know faces but not our names. Yet while we are all stuck with each other here, we are "forced" to deal with each other, whether we want to or not. The exception are the "snubs" who get in their little groups and end up doing their own thing day in and day out. Then again, maybe they feel left out because we do not ask them to go with "us". Not that I'm invited either but I just tag along. I think I have more of a bond or attachments with the "back of the house" staff than the "front of the house" staff.

Detroit is quite a unique town. We are staying in a hotel in downtown and everything around us is empty and "dead" It seems as though the plague went through town and left all these old and new buildings completely empty. There are some where on their roofs, there are trees growing on top of them. They almost look like Italian Terrazzos, with plants and trees growing on top of their roofs, but they just have been abandoned for a long time. There are signs of construction and improvement, which is the reason why we are here, but I think it still is going to be a while before this whole areas comes back to look like Manhattan or downtown Chicago.

Till then, enjoy the pictures.


Adriana said...

Hola gracias por tus palabras y que feo que estes lejos de tu familia, y que bueno que sea para bien, por lo que escribes, eres como "asesor" o como diseƱador de restaurantes? o que? saludos...

Chloe said...

this always happens in work environments. some people need to stand out and form their little cliques. Eventually they give up because as we know, cliques are boring.
The place looks great. I'd love to have lunch there. :)