Friday, September 21, 2007

Days 4 through 9

It has gotten very busy with work here. Working 6 days a week with a lot going on in between.
In between, I have moved into the new hotel, I have moved out of the hotel and back into the old one.
On Sunday we went to see the Detroit Lions play, they won the opening home game, it was good with the result being decided in Overtime.

Over the weekend we also found "Mexicantown" with not very good results. 4 of us went to dinner and we happened to walk into a restaurant with a DJ on the lower floor and a small dance floor. However through the "grapevine" we found out that there was a third floor where there was another DJ with a much larger floor for dancing and sitting. we went up there and it turned out to be very much like the place that I work at in Vegas. On the way back, there were no cabs that would come to pick us up, so we ended up walking back to our hotel. If you've been to Detroit you will know that there are some areas that not even the devil would walk through. However we made it safely back into a major avenue where a passing taxi picked us up.
The same attitudes prevail amongst the "snobs" that I wrote about last week. There are some people that I have talked to one evening over dinner or at the bar and the next day they don't even glance your way even when you are standing in front of them.

I have also found that there are a lot of good people here in this town despite the prevalent look of depression around the city.
I have yet to venture out into the suburbs, then again after working 10 to 12 hours sometimes, the only thing I can do when I get back to the hotel is pass out from exhaustion.
A couple of nights ago while we were in the new hotel, the fire alarm went off at 4:00 AM. We had to evacuate the hotel, luckily I was on the sixth floor. Though it is kind of strange to be with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night while dressed in the first thing the could get their hands on. It turned out to be a false alarm. It was hard getting back to sleep and to top it off, the alarm went off again at about 5:00AM. This time we all stayed put.

Oh yeah!. The TVs did not work in the hotel and there were no services or anyplace to go after work.

The highlight of trip since I've been here was the following.
6 of us were invited to one of Michael Mina's Restaurants to sample a "tasting". He has two in the hotel; Bourbon Steak and Saltwater. The invitation was for the steak house but when we got there, they were busy with people also attending their invitation to try out the new menu as well as to train their staff. So we ended up walking next door to Salt water, their seafood restaurant. They were also training but none were eating, so they sat us at a long table close to where their staff were going over their menu.

The tasting was wonderful. After eating bar food, fried food and mostly anything else out of our hotel's cafeteria, sampling such succulent dishes was heaven sent.
We had; foie gras, figs with prosciutto, perch, salmon, scallops, terrines with caviar and to top it off, since we had been originally invited to the steak house, the chef from Bourbon Steak brought us a flat iron kobe steak to finish our meal. The steak was not a "tasting" size it was a full 16 oz of perfectly cooked juicy and tender piece of beef.
That made up for everything else.
I talk to my family everyday at least twice a day. However I still miss them all every moment of every day.
Till next time.

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Yummerson said...

I want you to know that I come to your blog daily because I want to see your daily updates. Then I go to Melissa's blog and read hers. It's nice.

Our company has been working on the same opening but not on the gaming side. So it's also nice to hear the other point of view.