Monday, December 18, 2006


Over the last year of blogging, I have seen blogs disappear and some that write about stopping just to come back a few weeks or months later.
I think the reason given is usually lack of time.
Of course a blog should probably be the last priority when it comes to family, work and other social activities that prohibit you from writing. So why do people blog?. A recent survey found that the majority of people blog "for Themselves" as a record or story of their own personal lives. There are other more specific blogs that deal with a particular subject such as; politics, national news or current events. there are others that are about cooking, religious, or other etc, etc.
Mine falls under the average category. I see it more as a "picture" of my state of mind at any given point in time. I cover just about anything that happens around me as well as my family, as long as it is not too revealing. There are a lot of things that the Internet should not know and does not need to know about me.
Readership is also a funny subject. I can count on one hand the people that visit my blog. They may not necessarily comment on every post but sometimes they leave a note. (Thank you)
Some other times there are no comments. It does not bother me and as long as this interesting tool that Blogger provides free of charge, I will continue using it for my own entertainment purposes. Though I am thinking of getting an account with Wordpress and start a new blog with a "single" particular subject.
Any thoughts?


Cathy said...

I pretty much fall into the same category of bloggers as you, I suppose. I have made genuine friends here, though. Ones that I would continue to stay in touch with if I ever stopped blogging. I tried to start a "themed" blog and never keep it up; my blog is a documentation of my life, really...

Voix said...

It's good to make whatever attempts you can to discipline your own writing, so subject-specific blogs can be really useful. I like having a blog where I can just splash around, though, just like you. Thanks for stopping by!

Stealth said...

Blogging is kinda the ultimate way to let an episodic stream-of-consciousness run wild. :D

I'd do what you seem to be doing - what you want, and enjoying it, and doing something different when you're bored. It's your blog(s)! Have fun!

Chloe said...

whatever you decide to write, i am going to keep on reading.
themed blogs require lots and lots of work and persistence which i lack at the moment!