Monday, December 04, 2006


So, I had this dream that my brother and I were in the island of Madagascar to take a class, once a week and for an hour. When we got there, we went to the classrooms (2001 and 1010) we thought we were supposed to be in and the professor asked us to go to administration and find out where exactly we were supposed to be. He spoke in some strange language and we could not understand a word he was saying so, some of our classmates offered to take us. When we got there, the "officer" explained to us, that we needed to show our receipt along with our class schedule (which somehow had been left at home--Mexico?, US?) and without those receipts or other documents, he could not give us our class schedule. In my dream, I wondered how it was that we were supposed to live while attending class for one hour and once a week in somewhere so far off. i figured that since we were there specifically for "school", that everything else would fit into place. To get off the Island to go back and retrieve our documents, this is what we had to do. There was a very shallow part of the ocean where people were walking on to get to the mainland. So, we just followed the same path, water was dirty and it was not an even bottom, it had lots of big rocks or boulders. I was wearing a blue coat with lots of buttons down the center and white pants.
When we went over the water and ended up on a busy street with lots of people waiting for a bus. At this point, we ran into a friend form our childhood, who was wearing some old and raggedy clothes. He looked happy.
Later, I found myself in a hotel/resort-Still in Madagascar with some strangers. We were waiting for a cab to get us to the airport, where I ended up cutting off everyone while driving the cab, exited the cab, got my bags and apologized to everyone for cutting them off.

and you- What did you dream about?

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