Friday, December 08, 2006


Once we left the town of Hanford, we headed towards the I-5 which takes you North towards San Francisco or south to Los Angeles. It was tempting to head south and just go hang out in Old Town Pasadena, but we had already commited to the family get together in San Francisco. The road continues East from Hanford, first through a small stretch of freeway then to a two lane road along cotton fields, acres and acres of fruit trees, all lined up in perfect sequence and at times, nothing but empty fields. Harvest season had just passed so there were quite a few acres of nothing but dirt. At other times there were huge rectangular mounds of cotton ready to be loaded onto trucks.
Once we got onto the I-5 it was a straight drive. There were a lot of cars on the road so the speed at times was slow. a couple of hours later we veered East to drive into Gilroy, Garlic capital of the world. It is a quick drive over the hills, with a view of large lake/reservoir and typical California landscape, bare hills with patches of trees here and there. We drove into Gilroy without much traffic and from there to San Jose and then Redwood city. When we arrived at Bill and Debbie's, they were cooking already so we dipped into the finger goods while we watched the required football game. I believe the Dolphins were beating some other team. The night progressed with good food, conversation, pomegranate martinis, wine and later in the night a good game of Texas Hold'em. The following day turned out to be a "trip into the city" for Melissa Anthony and me. Aside form the crowd at the mall and the half hour drive into "the parking lot", it was a good outing. We met everyone else at the movie theater where we saw, Happy Feet. I guess I could have taken a nap but I was waiting for something quite exciting to happen in the movie. A disapointing movie.
The next morning we hit the road to head back to Las Vegas. However, this was not going to be an easy drive. I had asked Melissa if she wanted to drive through Yosemite park since she had never been there. She is always up for an adventure so she said yes and off we went.
Cold In Yosemite, Lost on the dessert and a drive in the darkness to get home.
That will be for the next post.

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