Monday, November 06, 2006


Over the weekend Olivia and I attended a "Hispanic Day Parade" that my employer and its "Diversity Council" supported.
I guess this parade was supposed to happen last month (Columbus Day, etc) but due to bad weather, the parade was re-scheduled. Of course most of the majority attending the parade were; Latin American, Hispanic or however you may refer to anyone south of the border. The parade was well intentioned becuase the theme was to celebrate "diversity."
This was quickly taken advantage of by some of the candidates running for office here in Southern Nevada. Of course, if you were a candidate for office, you would use any and every available gathering of people to get your face and name out.
The main culprit here was Jim Gibbons. He showed up in a big blue mobile home with a large entourage of his staff. They were also part of the parade and were lined up behind us.
It was funny to hear them cheering in Spanish with a "Viva Gibbons" chant. I say funny because of the stance of the candidate on immigration and the English language as the "official language of the U.S. (Nothing wrong with that) etc. It was obvious that they were just there pandering to the public. Shelley Berkley was there as well though I am also a bit surprised that none of the other candidates were not there as well. Particularly the Democratic candidates, you would have thought they would be there to show that they are concerned and wanting to be part of the "diverse" crowd. I gotta hand it to Gibbons for at least being there.

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