Tuesday, November 07, 2006


By the looks of it, the Democrats got their wish. As of right now, they seem to have won the house of representatives while the senate still seems to be up for grabs. Though the Republicans may very well keep control of the senate for more "Divided Government."
Now what!
If you remember when the Republicans took controll of Congress in 1994, they were put into ofiice by an electorate that was leaning a bit to the right and fairly conservative. They basically supported Gingrich and his "Republican Revolution" based on an actual belief that the party they were voting in, espoused and believed in the same issues.
This time though, aside from the Iraq issue, the Democrats really have no base to stand on or to lead from. That is the sad part. This was an election or a vote "Against" the Republican administration as opposed to a vote "for" the Democrats.
This is truly another historical point in American politics as big as when the Republicans came to power in 1994. I believe that this is the turning point in the Iraq quagmire. There will be more pressure on the White House to come to its senses and end this mess.
There are still a couple more years left for Bush to stand his ground against a Democratic house. It will not be much more different from the previous years, since much of his Republican support in Congress and throughout the country has diminished, again due to to the Iraq issue. However, with a House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats, many skelletons will be dragged out of closets and it will be interesting to see how far they are willing to take the fight and really show that they have a back bone and a real plan for leading this country into a better place than it is right now. The Gingrich Revolution is over and lets see if the Democrats can be as revolutionary.


Ms. Marie said...

Yeah, well I think you know how I feel about it all. I'm just happy that the idiots aren't holding the wand of power.


Chloe said...

your elections were in the news here too. i am glad with the outcome and as you said, it's getting interesting!