Friday, March 24, 2006


Hot weather is coming soon to Vegas. Currently Spring Break is here. This means loud, obnoxious, dirty and inconsiderate college students are all over the place. I was once a college student too. But, not a loud one so I cannot identify with these brutes. The girls tend to be nicer, unless they are a little drunk, but hey, it's time to "live it up" right?..
Since I am on the subject of College and Spring Break, March Madness is here. March Madness is all about Collegiate Basketball. A tournament with lots of teams playing for The NCAA National Championship. Four teams (The Final Four) will play for the final two spots to select the National Collegiate Champion. Last night was a very wild one. The Bruins (UCLA) came back from behind to beat a team that "had" it already won..... But, it isn't over till its over..
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Bruins Win


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