Thursday, March 30, 2006



So, while driving home today from work, I heard on the radio that there is a Bengal tiger prowling around the State of Alabama.

(No location given)
Supposedly it is a tiger with a red strap on its neck. Of course speculation is that someone had it and raised it since it was a cub and it got away from them or they actually let it loose.
Why in the world would you want a pet like that?....
I was afraid of the sharp claws that my cat “used to have”.
Each time I picked her up when she was a kitten, I’d be weary of the scratches I was going to get, now imagine a tiger cub.

What do you feed an animal like that?...
What size is their litter box?
Does it chase birds and mice?
Does is scratch at the window and howl while there are other cats outside?..

I do think every cat should have a colorful strap though…….

Do your pets have a red strap?????

Animal pets that is..

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Chloe said...

none of my cats has a red strap on. and they have forgotten how to use their claws too. My mum feeds them so much, their claws must be buried under tons of fat.