Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yes, It's been a year since I've been blogging. It's been fun and educational. I still manage to read some bloggs in between working and everyday living. I have seen a few bail out. Some new ones, some that grow and evolve. I think eventually the blogg world will thin out to leave mostly those who are serious about writing about a particular or specific subject and those that serve a special "need".
Just to keep a timeline about my own personal happenings. someday when I sit down to write my memoirs, this blogg will serve as a reference for this part of my life. I do have an interesting life.

Chapter 1 will be

Hijo de la Sierra.
Or A Child of the Highlands

It is a story that takes me from a small village, nestled in the highlands of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. From there to Mexico City and 15 years later to the city of Los Angeles. In between; tragedy, love, tears, despair, sadness, loneliness and all those emotions that make us stronger and able to continue facing what is ahead each day.


Chloe said...

if this is going to be part of your memoirs, i'm glad i am a tiny little part of it :)

Tere said...

¡Felicidades por este año!

Espero que lleguen muchos más. Besos.

Yamell said...

Happy Anniversary!!


CiscoKid said...

Thank you...You are true Bloggfriends...