Monday, January 16, 2006


What is going on in this world?
What is going on in this country?.
A little girl was found in a dumpster here in Vegas last week. Police are of course investigating....Read here
Another girl-was beaten to death by her step father, while her mom watched and did nothing.Daily News
This was in NY- (Heard it this morning in the news).
That is just the latest, now if we go back every month for the last year or years, there isn't a time when you do not hear or read a bout children being mistreated, starved, beaten, abused and more.
Do we as a society not give a dime about children?.. Is it the government that is not doing its job to protect kids? It sure isn't the church that is getting high marks either..
Somebody has to do something about it.
But whom.
I cringe at the tought of my daughter being hurt in any shape or form. As you've heard before from many caring and loving parents that they would kill anyone with their bare hands if they hurt theirs, I probably would too.
Is that kind of blindness, that would allow us to kill a stranger, the same blindness that allows other people to hurt their own kids or someone else's?..
Does any ounze of guilt or remorse go through their minds as they are commiting their crime?.. I don't know.
I just pray to God that I am never blinded by hatred, evil or malice to hurt someone, much less a child.
I will do my part by taking care of my kid and those around me and those whom I cannot protect I will say a prayer for them.
It has to start with us as responsible caring and loving parents.


bulb said...

But on a positive note: This crap has been happening for millenia. At least now, over the past century, people in our culture are starting to care.

Not everywhere though:
"Shoebat confirmed the widespread sexual abuse of both boys and girls in Palestinian society. "It is a strange society. Homosexuality is forbidden but if you're the penetrator, not the penetrated, it's okay." He is describing prison sexuality. "If you're a teenage boy with no hair on your legs other boys your age will pinch your butt and tease you. Once, I saw a class of clothed teenage boys sexualize their gymnastics exercizes. And once, on a hiking trip, I saw a line of shepherd boys waiting for their turn to sodomize a five year old boy. It was unbelievable."


Chloe said...

this happens everywhere. i just can't watch tv anymore. i have to explain a few things to my son (about child molesters) because he is 7 now and he should know, i have bought books, but i am just not ready yet!
how are you handling this?

CiscoKid said...

There is a lot of information coming out from all directions in that regards.
At scholl they inform the kids and educate them about strangers, privacy, body parts and so on.
I re-inforce everything that they learn at scholl and constantly remind her about everything to watch out for.
Keeping my eyes on her constantly is a good tactic as well.

Chloe said...

schools here don't do that at all. and when i think about how silly and ignorant some of the teachers are, maybe it's for the best that they are not.