Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I was tagged by Utterly DrunkBulb about writing sad stories.

Is it sad that you cannot see your parent or parents for over 7 years?..
Of course it is, even if it iis for a few days or years, or never again.
Yes That is sad. I was deprived of the presence of my mother from the age of 12 'till about 19.

Of course this was due to issues between my father and her. When they split up, I stayed with my dad. After that, she moved out of town, along with my younger sisters and brother, and that was it.
There were many days of sadness and tears and I don't think I ever got over not seeing her.
I always missed her to the point where I was ready to call "mom" to the couple of women that my dad dated or lived with after.
Once she came back into my life, Nothing was the same, I was happy to see her again, but I did not want to be around her as much as I would have thought. We still have a good relationship till now, but it is sad to say that There is no mother son love there, she might as well be an aunt that I haven't see for years.
Sad isn't it?


Chloe said...

but it must have something to you with you being an excellent and ever present parent for your daughter eh?
hope you're okay.

Jess said...

I know how you feel. I haven't been in contact with my mother for going on 9 years. Sorry, I invaded your blog through Bulb. He seems to be the center of all the chaos..lol