Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogg Abandonment

Another blogger who I read on and off is giving it all up. Because of hackers and her constant "fixing" of her website, etc, etc... She is leaving and not writing anymore. Why do people take bloggs so seriously?..
I know there is time invested in writing, thinking, etc. But, is it that big of a deal that people mess with their; settings, pictures or just write negative comments on their bloggs?.
I think when you put something out there for anyone to see and read, you can expect a lot of reactions. Now, if they are accessing your personal files on your computer, that is more of a security issue that needs to be addressed by blogger or your own security settings, or software.
Maybe they will start a new blogg under a different name, then again,

who cares?


Chloe said...

I'm never going to abandon my blog just because people might make negative comments. After all,i can delete them.
And i never cared about the layout much. It's the same since the day i started.
I hope your blog friend goes on somewhere else. It's sad when they go away for good. I always wonder what they are up to. xx

bulb said...

I visited a blog and commented: "This blog officially sucks ass." Next day this person had a post about flamers and how he now needed to start moderating comments.
People take this crap serious.

Monique said...

I love my blog..even though there are days that I do not have anything "interesting" to post about. I started it with the intention of it being an outlet for emotions, and have been lucky aloto have met some really caring and wonderful people who I consider friends...if there are a few people that come along that leave a negative comment or two so be it.

(Hope you and your little cutie are doing great!!)