Monday, January 23, 2006


Last I blogged:
Monday January 2
Monday January 9
Monday January 16
Now I am getting ready to write a new post....Notice a pattern here?....
Today is Monday and though there is so much I could talk, write, post, blogg about, I cannot find something meaningful that you would be interested in.
Aside from telling you about the weather cold), there isn't much else. I am off from work on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Here is a topic-People that come knocking at your door to sell you stuff!
I just had to answer the door for some guy "raising" money for his class at UNLV(local university).
He is selling books and part of the collected price goes to the fundraiser. I was about to buy one when I realized that I had run out of checks to write.
He was OK with me not having checks and just left to bother someone else...

Now that I think about it he did have a nice silver Movado watch on (About 800.00 worth...)
I wonder how much of his own money he's contributing .......

I hate fundraisers.....(Including the ones for the kid's school)

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bulb said...

I don't believe in charity.
Saves me a lot.