Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Francisco Salinas

Sometimes when you just have nothing else to do or you just don't want to be productive at all, you run into the most interesting situations.
I typed in the name Francisco Salinas and I got the usual results, combinations of the city of San Francisco and Salinas, CA. anyways, the other links, were about a person back in the 1500's in Salamanca, Spain -Read on:

Francisco Salinas
IES Francisco Salinas

Good to be named after someone that inspiring and creative-I doubt my parents knew this when they picked my name. A bit of vanity never hurt anyone. It may actually lead to figuring out if I have any ancestors from Spain-very unlikely because of my physical attributes. but, who knows?

Ever typed in your name and see what you come up with?

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Tere said...

Hola Francisco.

Vengo a visitarte y a agradecerte el tiempo que le has dedicado a mi blog así como tus comentarios.

Blazing Saddles es una magnífica opción de Brooks. La buscaré y prometo comentar cuando la vea.

Te dejo un abrazo. Gracias por el link, es un lindo detalle.