Tuesday, June 14, 2005

De Colores

The countdown begins.

The store (www.ourculturalimports.com), will open this Saturday. I am having a small reception on Friday for "friends and family" just to give thanks to people for their support and encouragement. Then it will open on Saturday. Day 1 of business.
It has been quite exciting since I signed the lease for the place. For the last three months-Since February- I have been trying to find the right place. However, because of the real estate pricing in Las Vegas, the price per square footage can be quite astronomical depending on the area where you want to go in. For instance in the Southwest part (Summerlin), price for each square foot is $2.00 and above. Not only that, the lease terms and lengths are to the point of being ridiculous. So anyone trying to get any type of business started, already has hurdles in front of them.
No complaints though. I did find a place I am happy with and God willing, with lots of hard work on my part, the store will be a success.

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