Friday, May 17, 2013


I am leaving for Mexico on Saturday morning.
I'm very excited since its been 8 years since I last stepped foot on the motherland. 
Turns out that Melissa bought me tickets to fly there. For the longest time I'm always talking about going there and because of procrastination or other reason- work, I've always managed not to go. This time though, she made it happen. 
Since its been so long, I've decided not to let anyone know that I'm going there. This means I'm  just going to show up at my sister's door un-announced and surprise the heck out of them. I hope it goes well.
I've already told some of my close relatives that I'm going to Mexico anyways but made it a point to tell them not to say anything on Facebook, since everyone we know happens to be on at all times.
Alex, my best-est cousin, close to being a brother knows. He lives in Oaxaca, though it may be a quick overnight trip to go see him and his mom.
The other person that knows is my niece, who lives in Minnesota  and whose mom I'm also gonna see (my oldest sister) along with my mom, they live in Cuernavaca.
I am also planning on seeing some I my cousins that I grew up with. I hope they are available since we've been estranged for the longest time.
It's time for a family reunion of sorts.

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