Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Metro

Like in a dream,
bubbles hover throughout the wagon while music fades in and out from some unknown direction, at times morphing from techno then to old ballads.
 A kid walks through offering candy for sale
Another kid is then followed by a mobile speaker
Carefully tucked into a backpack designed solely for the giant speaker.
The dreamlike state continues in the form of a parade of kids and people.
Everything is for sale; candy, bubbles, cd's, dvd's, poetry books, holy sand and water. Even rappers making strange sounds with their fist and mouths join the parade.
People sit like in a trance, ignoring all the commotion.
Some manage to sleep, others reach into their pockets and buy a frozen treat.
My dream soon fades and I realize I'm riding the Metro.
Esto es el DF.

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Adriana said...

Y eso es todos los dias :)