Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rough Life

As much as I may say that everything is peachy and great, which it really is, sometimes everything seems hopeless and I feel defeated. 3 babies will do that to you. They get on your nerves, they fight, they scream for no reason and its the same every hour of the day. The only respite comes when they go down for a nap. However, even that's not easy.
They go willingly to their beds but that's about it. From then on, they begin by tossing everything from their beds, blankets, juice cups, babies (stuffed animals) and then they proceed to jump and jump on their beds. Some other times they empty out all the drawers and toss everything onto the floor.
Of course I can hear them, even from downstairs.
So up the steps I go and threaten them a few times. I also stand in the room hoping that they will just go to sleep quietly. No sooner do I walk away and the tapping from little feet begins.
There is no moment that I am alone, I may be in the room with them while I'm ignoring their tantrums or whining but again, it does not qualify as being alone.
I need time to myself and I know my wife feels the same. We are so in the same boat and together in it.
We need time to ourselves and even when we manage to get the time, the babies find a way of "ruining" it.
You would think they plan it all, including getting sick so we don't leave them with other people while we get away.
Perhaps they think we're going to abandon them.
They're on to us.

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