Wednesday, April 10, 2013


As dreams go, this one is one of the more detailed and meaningful that I've had in a long time. Not that I pretend to know what it means.
There is a "bus" buried deep beneath in Palestine. I'm just saying Palestine in general because the actual name on my dream was "Hamas"
The other revelation is foggy and i cannot remember at all what it was about, but it was just as important.
Getting back to the "bus"
In my dream, the discovery of this find was becoming general knowledge to all and it was freaking people out while others were "preparing", not sure what for but I was one of them.
Everyone was going through their belongings and keeping only those with personal meaning. I had found Melissa had kept a box with a few outfits that the babies had worn and those we were keeping. Everything else was getting tossed.
Scientists had discovered a metal cylinder deep underground in "Hamas" freaky thing was that it was deep underground meaning it had been buried hundreds if not thousands of years ago.
This cylinder was of alien origin and paired with the other event, it set in motion a big event on earth.
It wasn't anything negative or destructive like the Tom Cruise movie, War of the Worlds.
Dream ended with me and my wife meeting at a parking lot up a mountain, where we were leaving her red Honda parked and knowing I wouldn't see it ever again.
Then I woke up.
I wish I could remember what the second revelation was.

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