Thursday, July 23, 2009


I thought I liked the Northwest after I visited Seattle a few years back. A few years back means even before Olivia was born. After visiting again this year, I found out that I love the area more. Particularly after visiting Vancouver, B.C. What a city! Nothing like I've seen before. I was truly impressed by the layout of the city with its bridges, parks, and proximity to the mountains. Though I thought the traffic was rather heavy, maybe it was because of the weekend. It is nothing like NY city or San Francisco, each one has their own appeal and attractions that make people visit from all parts of the world. I'm sure Vancouver gets its share of tourists from cruises into Alaska and such. If I lived there, I wouldn't mind them, just as much as I do not mind them here in Vegas.
yes, I would move there in a snap.
Any Canadians wanna sponsor a family of 4 with 2 dogs and an Iguana?
Let me know.
On to Seattle!
Melissa and I had a great trip. There wasn't anything to wine or complain about. The weather was great, the walks were interesting with plenty to keep us entertained. The food was as usual, excellent. The highlight of the trip amongst others, was a visit to Eliotts. Their happy hour was the best, no doubt about it. It was so good we went back on our last day for lunch. Of course we had to go up to the Space Needle while we spent a few days in the city, took a few ferries into some of the islands, checked into another hotel in Bellevue, rode their underground transit including their new
Light Rail and to top it off, ended up getting interviewd by some local TV outfit as I was getting into the train.
We had a great vacation.
Enjoy the pictures

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