Friday, July 03, 2009


Hello Dear Friend.

It's been so long since I last heard from you or you from me. I cannot remember the sound of your voice and sometimes just a faint whisper of it comes to my mind from long memories ago. Memories that we carved during our times together and with other friends or acquaintances at best and yet still part of my memory and yours.
I remember our talks, our outings, our fights and through it all, we remained friends. Up until the time we decided to go our own ways.
Since then, I've been busy carving new memories and again taking on new paths. Paths that not you or I could have imagined; full of love, hope, pain, laughter, and desires.
I've done things that I am proud of and ashamed of. I've loved and disliked. I've loved and been rejected. I believe I have cried sometimes and made some cry plenty. I am sorry. I am sorry you are not in my life anymore. I am sorry I lost you and that our friendship did not last as long as we hoped for.
I still think of you
and every now and then I think of the great time we had together as kids, as youngsters, as young adults taking on the world.
I heard that you died with no way of confirming it, or for laziness for not going to find your tomb. I am sorry.
I heard you were a successful person in life. I applaud you and I am proud to say I knew you.
Back then we were friends.
Now we are just memories, memories that with each passing day become almost like a dream. Did we actually know each other? or were we someone else's idea of a dream. I knew you. You were real.
Sometimes I miss you. I am sure I cross your mind from time to time. At least that is all we have left since I last saw you.
Perhaps in another life as people say, we'll see each other again.
Perhaps not.
I have had a good life. I have fathered children. I am happy.
I hope you are happy as well

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