Tuesday, February 03, 2009

22 Miles and Counting

Today it was a 22 mile ride
View Larger Map through Lake Mead area. A good series of ups and downs-mostly down at first all the way into the Lake Mead Camping site from Lake Las Vegas area. Great road with no autos and not as many cyclists.
The pictures tell the story.

This is our departing point. Looking West towards Lake Las Vegas

Going down after a few downhills

Curvy road with no one around

The long road ahead

Looking north towards the main road (bridge)

Our destination in the distance - Lake Mead Camping Site

Pepe - on the way back

Yes. this is the 11 mile mark - now its back with nothing but uphill!

Pepe at the 11 mile mark

Oasis 1

Oasis 2

Some shots from the Lake Mead area

Back to Lake Las Vegas

Not before I saw this great shot!

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