Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Age 37


When Wii Fit came out I was very skeptical thinking, "Who needs a platform or wii game to lose weight or be fit?". What happened to just running or going to the gym?. Well boy was wrong!
I love Wii fit. the games of balance, yoga exercises and others are amazing. Why? It really is like having a trainer in front of you while you see "immediate" results right in front of you.
If someone looks at you they cannot tell whether you are putting more pressure on one leg over the other. However, the Wii, while you are standing on the board, measures every inch of pressure you are putting on each foot and that is what I mean when I say you see immediate results. It is also a scale, though not very accurate at times. but regardless, it shows progress and there is good direction and instructions for exercises, of course you could cheat but why bother. You Will get as much out of it as you put into it.
If you don't have one, Get it.
By the way that was a gift to our kids, who do not need to be or stay fit, so I am wondering if it was actually "for us"...
No matter, great gift!

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Yummerson said...

I like it too. I just can't find the time to use it unless it's like 4 am. Diego will want to "play" with me.

I'm adding you as my friend to facebook now. Is Melissa on facebook too? I guess I'll soon find out.