Monday, February 23, 2009


We are having great weather in Vegas with rain, snow in the mountains and still a bit of cold in the air. Yet, we've been very busy at work (thank goodness) that I have not had much time to get out biking or running. Aside from my last foray into Blue Diamond where I scraped my knees and a return trip last week into a new trail, I have not been outdoors much.
This is really the best time to get out there and probably once it warms out a bit, before temperatures reach 100+.
We did have another tequila tasting in our restaurant last week prior to Valentine's weekend and we've been busy since that I practically left Melissa out of Valentine's celebration, not that I celebrated anything or anywhere else.

I'm sorry I missed it. I know you like to celebrate Valentine's and other holidays that sometimes I do not even remember, sorry for that again.
My schedule has been all over the place as well that there have not been time for planning an outing or so, but I have an idea where I'd like to take you to celebrate our love.
It won't be biking or running,though I would like you to go next time, maybe running.
Love you on February 14Th and every day.


Ms. Marie said...

you know that I love you and it's better that you are working all the time than not at all. I look forward to anywhere you want to take me 365 days of the year. I love you.


Monique Rielle said...

Every day is Valentine's Day :)