Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kennedy Endorsement

So the Kennedys have endorsed Obama as their candidate. Is this an indicator that we should all rush to vote for Obama just because the "princes'" of Camelot have shown their predilection?. What if they had selected Hillary instead of Obama?.
Frankly who they support or wish they had as president is irrelevant. Voters who support and admire the Kennedy's have already made up their minds since last year. Actually, they still will be voting probably for the second Clinton because they are closer to the Clinton generation than to the Kennedy generation.
The undecideds are still wavering between candidates considering all and no one at the same time. Their minds change based on whatever a candidate might be saying at any given time. Hillary coming second in South Carolina isn't a surprise. If Hillary had won South Carolina, that would not have been the end of Obama.
Also, lurking in the background and waiting for the right opportunity, Edwards will sprint back into the action to really put the Democratic ticket into a spin like we have not seen in years. That will definitely give us the time an opportunity to support the best candidate- Not the best of 3 evils.
The republicans on the other hand are deciding between McCain and Romney. Huckabee is slowing down and Guliani's friends have been a "No call-No show." The question after that will be, can the Democratic candidate defeat either one of the Republicans?

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