Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Obama, Hillary, Edwards.

The lesser of 3 evils

MaCain, Romney, Huckabee

The lesser of 3 evils.

But they are not evil.
They are just like you and me. Only they get influenced by people with deep pockets and even deeper influences to the point that regardless of what they promise during their campaigns, they are "forced" to go into war even against public opinion.
For the last 3 weeks we get calls at home every night from their campaigns. I am sure some of you have heard Hillary leaving a message on your answering system as well.
As the horse race heats up, we'll see how they all deal with the mounting pressure of the campaign, perhaps there are still a few skeletons buried deep in closets that have yet to surface and all it takes is for one meaningless skeleton to pop out and derail someone's train. Sometimes at the expense of the American electorate.
Do we really care if they did drugs in their youth?, do we really care if they had 2 wives and then switched to a younger girlfriend?

Does that dictate the kind of president they are going to be?.
Or does that decide how you are going to vote?...
I have not made up my mind yet.


vikkitikkitavi said...

Let me help you out. Vote for Edwards. If only because we can only benefit from a long primary race.

Show the pundits that it ain't over yet.

Ms. Marie said...

That is who I am voting for.


Coco said...

my vote was made way before he decided to "run"...
his speech, at the demo convention, was INSPIRING : ) When I heard it/saw him there (tv)...I told my husband that if he ever "ran" for pres. I would vote for him.
yes, that's where my vote is going:

yes, he's young and "in-experienced", BUT who ever is pres. isn't going to do it alone! that's why they have all those cabinet people, senators, etc. No se mandan solos!!

i will not vote for a woman, just b/c she's a woman...

skeletons? we all have them
perfection? no one is perfect

on the rep. side...
i prefer Romney over the others
he's less "Washington DC"

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo,

Ms. Marie said...
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Ms. Marie said...

I think that I have been turned off by Hillary actually. I am tired of all the "female" references in commercials and on the phone messages...I mean you don't see a big huge crowd of only black people following Obama around. I personally think that it is sending the wrong vibe, atleast for me.


Yummerson said...

I felt the same way Coco. There's something about Obama that brings positive thoughts my way. He gets my vote.

Unfortunately I didn't get to go caucus and I feel partially responsible for him not being ahead.