Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Between work, caucuses and reduction of interest rates, Melissa has been cooking up some really good meals. I am not talking meat and potatoes or chicken over pasta with tomato sauce. I mean real "gourmet" type of food and she makes it seem so easy and quick to make.
Beginning with last Christmas/NY Eve, she made tamales that were so good you would have thought she's made them a hundred times before.
Last night she made this wonderful soup with turnips, apples, yams and watercress. Last week she made this delicious chicken with onions, plums and a red balsamic sauce. To top it off, there was a side of Brussel sprouts (YES!_ Brussel sprouts) they were tender, full of flavor and the kids ate them and wanted more.
The point here is that Melissa has surpassed my cooking abilities. I used to think that I was good in the kitchen but now... forget it. There is a new chef, correction, there has been a new chef in the kitchen for a long time now.


Ms. Marie said...

Thank you baby for the post, it makes me feel real good that you have dedicated a post, when you haven't been writing that much, to me. I'm glad that you think that I have become a great cook...it's a long way from black and blue pork chops right? Now you know why I should have the say when picking out our new stove..:x


Coco said...

It looks YUMMY : )
Que pase la receta ; )

Fuertes y calurosos abrazos...

Chloe said...

go Melissa!
i love plums in cooking, i think they are delicious and they give an unexpected but welcome flavour. Clearly Melissa is a gifted chef. Clearly, Cisco is a lucky guy.

Adriana said...

Que rico se ve eso yo quiero aprender a cocinar!!!