Thursday, September 21, 2006


I guess when you see an airplane off the runway and into a street it's beacuse it did not measure correctly the length of the runway or because the runway is wet or icy, but to be "pushed" by the wind because "someone" forgot to apply the breaks or forgot to place those "wooden things" to keep it from taking off on its own is kind of unheard of.
That is what I happened to run into last night, well, I did not "run into the plane". I ran into this traffic snarl, luckily the "event" had just happened and I was able to drive fairly quickly through the mess, not without firsttaking a picture with my cell phone. (Picture to be posted later).
Aside from that, on Monday Olivia and I had a "Father-Daughter" day. She skipped school and we went shopping, to lunch, to the park and just had a nice relaxing day.
Pictures coming as well.

So far a good week.
This weekend the bunch and I are driving to L.A. for a quick baptism party. I promise I will take pictures ...

See you!

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Yamell said...

Have a good weekend Cisco!