Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, a new President was declared the winner in the Mexican elections. It is Mr. Calderon. He is also a member of the party that won the lection 6 years ago and began the dismantling of the PRI, the party that ruled the country for decades since the early 1900's.
He was declared the winner by an electoral tribunal, much like Bush was elected 6 years ago too, during the big "chads" fiasco in Florida.
So this should tell and show Calderon that just because a tribunal or a bench of judges signs off on your title and job, does not necesarily mean that all the citizens or at least half of them will go along for the ride.
As for Andres MAnuel Lopez Obrador. He worte himself off with the shenanigans that he and his party got into in the last month...He's done.

More news from the wires!
Dick Armitage revealed the name of Valerie Plummer to the press?....
I think he is just a patsy. The White house wants you to believe that now that there is a declaration of "mea culpa" everyone can concentrate on the displays of patrotism coming up in light of the 5 year anniversary of 09-11-06. Purely political I say.
The tune will be, "We republicans honor those who died on September 11"
While the Democrats just want us to cut and run.
Don't forget it is an election year and anything goes.
Dont get dupped!.


Econo-Girl said...

I agree, Armitage is a patsy. He is falling on his sword for someone.

Econo-Girl said...

How can we go into Iraq, mess up everything, and then just leave them to kill each other? We can't. It wouldn't be right.

Going there was a big mistake to begin with. Contrary to the President's speech, Iraq was not a threat to the United States. The Iraq war was just one big neo-con experiment that bellyflopped.